How to survive without aircon – basically, you don’t…

Our personal accommodation is great, the course accommodation is good, now we just need some participants.

No one had mentioned to me that when the course is supposed to start on a Monday, it may actually start on a Tuesday.

Or a Wednesday.

It feels very different to how things would run back home, but that is all: different.

These people have given up their holidays, usually at short notice, to come and be taught how to improve a job they are already doing.  Some of them have been told to attend, many are not sure why they are attending.  Hopefully by the end of the two weeks we can show them that it has been worthwhile.  It will be an uphill struggle I think, as we have to justify our existence to them, but the course content is good, the four of us trainers are feeling energised, and they have the bonus of having four trainers for two groups.  Most other courses have one trainer per group, so it gives the four of us time for preparation and planning that would normally happen in the evenings.  It also gives us time to adapt sessions to meet their needs, as right up until the session before, each of us can be adapting.

Which leads me on to the air conditioning.

Our training room and the office are the only rooms with air conditioning.  The trainers’ room is like a fridge, which is great, and the training room is fairly cool, but a compromise between the Turkish, who are used to the heat, and the Europeans who are not!

The only downside is that the training room does not have an Interactive Whiteboard that works; or at least one that the laptops can be connected to.  And I need an IWB for my session.  Cue complaints.

For the vocabulary session I would really like to show them an IWB lesson, but that means being downstairs in an un-air-conditioned room.  I promise the participants that it will be a maximum of 30 minutes, in a room which it has to be said is not stifling.  I also point out that it is 5 degrees Celsius back in the UK so this is a bit of a bigger temperature extreme for me.  Plus, I am in a shirt, proper trousers, socks and shoes.

Anyway, with much huffing and puffing and glances at each other, the participants are shepherded into the room with the IWB for 26 minutes.  No one fainted, no one collapsed, but they did take all the cut-up resources that I was planning on using again, which in my mind indicates that it was a good session.  You don’t steal resources unless you think you may use them again.  And with the four of us leading two sessions at a time, there’s plenty of time to cut up more resources.

1-0 to Stuart.


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