Testing the definition of flexibility

One day to go before we travel on for our second course in Denizli, and it has happened again.

Anette and I have received an email to say that we are not going to Denizli, but that the venue has been changed to Antalya.  I think I jinxed our trip by planning to go to the Pamukkale travertines on one of our days off.  If I hadn’t planned in advance, we’d probably still be going to Denizli!

Anyway, here we are, three trainers, crammed into a Fiat Panda (which also has a hybrid fuel tank in the boot, somewhat limiting luggage space).  Andrea is off to istanbul, whereas Anette and I are off on another jaunt.  We were supposed to be flying to istanbul, changing after a 6 hour stopover, and flying to Denizli,where we would be met, taken for dinner, then driven to Antalya – it made no sense though as the drive alone would take 4 hours minimum.

So now we find ourselves on a flight to Antalya.  A slight panic at the airport as I didn’t realise that istanbul has two airports – for a moment there was that sinking feeling followed by a frantic rummage through info I had been sent, which revealed that we were not heading to Ataturk, but Sabiha Gokcen.  On the ticket it says istanbul, but on the boards at the airport, it does not!

We arrive at our accommodation to find that they had thought we were married – a hasty change of plan and we now have two rooms in the girls’ dormitory.  It’s a long time since I stayed in this sort of accommodation, as even at uni we had our own individual rooms, and although I am not sharing with anyone, it feels strange being in a room with 4 beds in it.

We set off in search of ice cream, only to find that our new host – Antalya International University – is in the middle of nowhere!  We go on a trek in search of a shop, as my suitcase decided it would like an extra night in istanbul, and I need toothpaste and other essentials.

This was our first experience of the Kofte Man – but that is a story for another time.


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